Clouds In My Coffee

Train adv

A rainy Friday late night. We were together and the music was at its best. She tried to lift her face up and said “rain and music are a deadly combination”. “You are a thunderstorm and me?”, she asked after a pause. I dint answer. I told myself, all stories have an end and so do the rain and music too. Reading my mind she said some stories are unending and then laughed. I tried to laugh out to hide my face.

Next day when we met she didn’t talk much. Neither did I. But I thought I will ask her three things. A cup of coffee together, a yes to click her eyes and a hug before her train leaves.

Whenever I ordered coffee she vanished. Finally when I saw her through viewfinder, there were drops of tears in her eyes and they were boiling like silver. I felt sad for her, so I thought better not to click.

Her train was about to leave at any moment and we stood like strangers. When the train slowly started to move she hugged her friends and hurried into the crowd in the train. I felt like a huge wave swallowing me. I don’t know why I looked to oppsite direction and searched for Paru. When I reached home she was waiting for me there.



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