Roles that you play …

Travelogue ©advbimal

The guy pictured here was my co passenger in Kalka to Shimla   ‘Himalayan Queen’ classic train (better known as toy train). As he stays in Shimla and knows the places, he was like a tour guide to the other passengers.  I found him very helpful. He  had some story to tell abt each station, each tunnel. He told me beforehand  abt each beautiful location, what to explore in Shimla, which were the best local eateries etc etc.
Usually the five hour journey makes passengers  tired within 3 or 4 hours of travel. But I was still stading at the door of the train with my camera in search of a good capture. Meanwhile I also tried some experimental shots like this. Suddently I got a feeling that he could fall asleep and may fall off the train. So I called and warned him. After few seconds he got up and told me he was in deep sleep when I was calling him. More than once he thanked me for saving his life.

I strongly belive that each person we interact with has some direct or indirect role to paly in our life. Either we or they get something from such interactions. At least  in my experience that is very evident.

The 96 km meter-gauge track was constructed by the then British rulers in India in 1903. Train passes through several hills, forests, hairpin curves and 102 tunnels.

(As I lost my phone I couldn’t recollect his name).


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