Short Story ©advbimal


I was on the ventilator and aware of the day and time when they were going to switch it off. I was in a mood of losing and giving up. She comes to my side and holds my hand and says  “See, I feel you have only two more days, you should just get done with it”. I saw her golden wheat coloured hair flowing in the air. I could sense her smell and I could feel her breath. I thought, let them switch it off as I overheard. I am gonna fight. Everything went as the destiny has planned.

But the next day when I came out of the darkness and opened my eyes, Paru was there and she was smiling. I was resurrected.


#momseries ©advbimal



My Kunjamma (mother’s younger sister).

I adore her, and I always have a special place in her heart.

Extremely soft-spoken by nature, she would always stand by me no matter what.

Our bond goes back to my infancy. As my mother had to go back to work soon after my birth, she would often leave me in the care of my Kunjamma. She looked after me, just as she did with her own son. She would take turns to breastfeed us. Maybe that is why her place in my heart is right next to my mother’s.

There is one more such person, who holds a seat next to my mother…will leave that for another post.

This pic was probably taken during her school/college days. She is in her early 80s now. May God bless her with good health and happiness.