Monologue  ©advbimal

Rama’s thoughts before meeting his mother and his wife Sita devi to inform them that he is going to exile in the forest for 14 years the very same day.

It’s festive spirit in Ayodhya today. People are waiting for me, Rama, the apple of their eyes, to be crowned as their king in a few moments.

How can they know that instead of Rama it is  Bharatha who will be crowned as a king today.

Why do I need the kingdom? The forest is far better than the land. Let Bharatha rule the kingdom and i shall rule the forest.

For my Father I am ready to forsake not just the kingdom but anything. My Father is everything for me. If my father desires, I am ready to leave even my Mother, even Sita, if necessary. That’s how much my Father means to me!

It was Kaikei Ma who told me that I have to relinquish the throne for Bharatha and I have to go to exile for 14 years today itself. But if my Father desired to make Bharatha the king, why couldn’t He tell me directly? Did He think that I would be saddened or did He assume that I would not agree to it?

A true son is the son who joyfully fulfills all his Father’s wishes without being told about them.

Doesn’t he know his son very well. Who could understand this Rama better than my father?!

Anyway, I am really worried about my Father’s health. What is happening to Him? Kaikei Ma is dear to me but is this the way to treat my Father? If she wanted to make Bharatha the King, she needed just to mention that to me and I would have happily agreed.

What happened to my Kaikei Ma who was eagerly waiting for my coronation?

Today morning she was so different.
Have you seen the seriousness on her face.  Have you notice the change in her voice?

Or is Kaikei Ma sending me to exile because she loves me very much.

Whatever it is, I wish she would take a good care of my Father even when I am gone. I couldn’t bear the sight of my unconscious Father. My heart pains when I think about my Father.

Laxman, O Laxman, why are you muttering in anger? Aren’t you done crying? Isn’t Bharatha your elder brother just like me? You should be as happy as I am that Bharatha is becoming the King of Ayothya.

I don’t know how to face my mother. How can I tell my Mother who is counting every moment till my coronation that it’s not me but Bharatha who will become the King. Wouldn’t her heart be crushed? How can I tell my Mother that I am leaving Ayodhya today to live 14 years in exile.

After seeing my Father’s condition, will I have to witness my Mother collapsing ? I can already foresee how heartbroken she is going to be thinking about me.

How can I console my mother, what can i say to make her understand?  The brave warrior Rama, Is your courage draining out?

Oh, my Seeta Devi, my beloved, I have to bid farewell to you too. Can you feel the trepidation in my chest? You are a courageous woman and you will be able to understand me.

You know that I am bound to fulfill my Father’s wishes whatever they are, my Seeta Devi.

I know more than anybody else how much you are concern about me and I dont know how to console you. How can I prevent your trying to stop me from going to exile.

Oh Almighty, you are the one who decides and execute the destiny, please give me strength!

Today I am abandoning all that is dear to me, kingdom, parents, wife, this palace, friends. All. Oh, God, give me more will power.

I am the son of Dasharata, I am Rama. I will not be defeated by any weakness and nothing can  prevent me from my decisions. My Father is above everything for me in this Universe. For him I am ready to bid farewell to my Mother and my wife.

No force can withhold me, no words can dissuade me, no tears can stop me. I am prepared to face anything, I am ready to face my Mother.

Laxman, I am going to my Mother’s palace.


Short Story ©advbimal


I was on the ventilator and aware of the day and time when they were going to switch it off. I was in a mood of losing and giving up. She comes to my side and holds my hand and says  “See, I feel you have only two more days, you should just get done with it”. I saw her golden wheat coloured hair flowing in the air. I could sense her smell and I could feel her breath. I thought, let them switch it off as I overheard. I am gonna fight. Everything went as the destiny has planned.

But the next day when I came out of the darkness and opened my eyes, Paru was there and she was smiling. I was resurrected.


#momseries ©advbimal



My Kunjamma (mother’s younger sister).

I adore her, and I always have a special place in her heart.

Extremely soft-spoken by nature, she would always stand by me no matter what.

Our bond goes back to my infancy. As my mother had to go back to work soon after my birth, she would often leave me in the care of my Kunjamma. She looked after me, just as she did with her own son. She would take turns to breastfeed us. Maybe that is why her place in my heart is right next to my mother’s.

There is one more such person, who holds a seat next to my mother…will leave that for another post.

This pic was probably taken during her school/college days. She is in her early 80s now. May God bless her with good health and happiness.